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What do I offer

Life Coaching

During the coaching session we will:
• Reveal your motivation
• Define goals and ways of their implementation
• You will understand what is the cause of stress and anxiety and how to cope with it
• Work on your self-development and personal growth

Expat Coaching

With expat coaching you can:
• Learn how to maintain contact with your Self while living abroad
• Recognize the cultural differences and see how they impact you
• Deal with feelings of isolation and homesickness
• Discover how can you use your talents in the new environment

Career Coaching

Career coaching is for you when:
• You are changing your career
• You are lost in the job search
• You are stuck in choosing the right path
•You want to get a promotion or raise
• You want to learn how to prioritise
and how to use time management techniques


In the process of counselling we work on:
• Emotional instability
• Low self-esteem
• Fears and phobias
• Anxiety and panic attacks
• Obsessive-compulsive disorder
• Problems with interpersonal relationships (at work, in the family, with people around)

Childhood Trauma

Counselling for childhood abuse can offer help with:
• Anxiety and depression
• Fear of abandonment
• Lack of self-worth
• Overcoming self-blame and shame
• Managing the abuse from an adult perspective
• Building resilience and trust
• Reconnecting to bodily sensations
• Living authentically


With mindfulness coaching you will learn:
• Core mindfulness techniques
• Mindfulness and meditation routine
• How to live in a present moment
• Benefits of meditation
• Grow self-awareness
• How to stop the negative self talk
• Mindfulness strategies to cope with anxiety, panic and bad sleep


FranciscoThe Netherlands

Darya has been professional, empathetic, kind and patient with me. Trying to understand my situation and creating a safe environment in which it was easy for me to open up and work together. I felt heard and safe with her.

RachelThe Netherlands

Darya is a very nice and friendly person with a warm heart and a lot of experience and true understanding. I felt taken serious and this ment a lot to me. I am very happy with the nice sessions I had with Darya in very difficult times.


Good day. I want to write a few words about our work with Darya. A very good specialist who knows how to build a rapport, unobtrusively and carefully brings topic into the right direction. In this regard, you can easily find the problem and begin to solve it. Conversations with her are very easy goingю After sessions, there is no feeling of embarrassment, but only thoughts to understand the problems and "homework" to think about and start moving towards solving them. Darya also gives a lot of educational material, specifically to each situation with the latest research in the field of psychology of the world's leading experts. In general, I’m happy with our work. Highly recommended!)

MarinaThe Netherlands

Never in my life had I thought or even imagined that such a moment would come when I would need to consult a specialist to unravel a dense tangle of problems. It’s not a secret that most of us are used to try dealing with problems on our own, and perceive the help of a specialist as our weakness. It took me years to understand that working with a professional will not allow a tangle of problems to form at the very beginning. Darya became for me that kind of professional. Step by step, conversation after conversation, day after day, the tangle was neatly untangled, taking out both old forgotten, missed troubles and new ones that were piled up. Darya is a very competent, calm, balanced deep person, capable of analyzing in detail everything that bothers you, and most importantly, will help to draw up a clear plan and route for future life. If there are problems in your life and you yourself cannot analyze, and most importantly, figure it out, I advise you not to keep it, but calmly sort out your mistakes with a professional. After all, you don’t sew your own shoes and coats, you buy them from the professional.

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